Got questions? We've got answers. Read the most frequently asked questions regarding purchasing and using your Budget Spreadsheet.

Will the Budget Spreadsheet work on my computer?

The budget spreadsheet is made in Microsoft Excel. It is able to work on all formats of Excel. If you have Excel installed on your computer, this will work for you. Do not download if you don't have Excel. Currently the file is tested for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac so will work perfectly.

If I lose my Budget Spreadsheet, can I re-download it?

Yes you can. Just email billing@budgetspreadsheet.com.au and we will re-send you a download link. Please email us your name, date of purchase and email address you would have used. We will need to verify you bought the product before re-issuing you a download link.

Why would I pay for the Budget Spreadsheet when there are free spreadsheets available elsewhere?

There are lots of free spreadsheets available on the internet, though none of them are as concise or useful as the one put together by us. In fact we have spent many thousands of dollars with a professional spreadsheet company in order to bring you this. We think it is worth every dollar and we know you will love it =)