Savings Guide is Australia's leading personal finance blog and this Budget Spreadsheet is the by-product of over 10 years experience in helping Australian's save money.

We created our very own Budget Spreadsheet after receiving hundreds of requests from loyal readers who were simply tired of free spreadsheets and budgeting tools on their mobile.

Did we mention it's safe and secure?

Your personal information is stored on your own computer, not in the 'cloud' or on some developers server overseas. Your income, expenses and personal finance plans are private and managed within Microsoft Excel on your own PC.

Track your income (with precision accuracy)

Our budget spreadsheet planner allows you to record your income in a variety of ways. 

Detail Your Income & Earnings Within Your Budget SpreadsheetThis enables you to fully understand your total income to ensure every dollar you earn is put to use in your budget plan.

You can opt for a 'simple budget method' - this is ideal for people who receive frequent and equal amounts of income on a regular basis.

Alternatively, the ‘detailed budget method’ is available for those who have less predictable income that can vary frequently.

Using either method you can set the amount you earn and the frequency (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually) to see a holistic picture of your income and your cash flow you are expecting.

Budget your expenses (discover your spending habits)

List each and every expense, bill or outgoing payment you have within your budget spreadsheet. Isn't it time you took a minute to check what you actually spend your money on?

Track expenses and bills within your Budget Spreadsheet

Stop 'forgetting' about annual bills and become someone who proactively knows every cent they spend.

Track every imaginable expense, such as:

  • Mortgage repayments (or rental payments)
  • Electricity and utility bills
  • Grocery shopping costs
  • Household expenses
  • Mobile and internet costs
  • Travel and transport expenses
  • ...and many, many more.

Forecast your budgeting efforts

Predict and visualize your future spending, future earnings and how it all relates to your budgeting goals.

Forecast your spending and savings within your Budget SpreadsheetSeeing your budget forecast will help you record your predicted expenses versus your actual expenses. As you begin to reduce your spending and optimise your money, you will start to see leftover money.

Use this leftover money to pay extra to your mortgage, reduce debt or save towards a special treat for yourself.

Our beautiful graphs and charts also help you visualize your net worth and financial position. We recommend printing these graphs once a month, sharing them with your family or simply putting them up on the wall to stay motivated.

As you can see, our Budget Spreadsheet is incredibly simple to use. It helps you get the basics right (and super quick!)

The hardest part of getting your money into shape is simple starting. We have gone above and beyond to make this budget spreadsheet dead simple to use.

More importantly, this Budget Spreadsheet can act as your source of inspiration to make a positive change to your life.

Get started right now with a simple download.